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How do I cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation by calling: +3 8 048 737 77 12, +3 8 098 121 21 25. To cancel your reservation, provide us with specific ID, name and surname of the person to whom the reservation has been issued.

If at the time of the reservation, you have paid only a reservation fee (10% of order value), then the amount will not be refunded.

If at the time of the reservation, you have paid 100% of the entire stay in the hotel, then:

  • I fthe reservation is canceled upto 7 day sbefore the date of entry into the hotel, you will be reimbursed 90% of the amount paid (10% to be retained by the hotel);
  • If the reservation is canceled up to 3 days before the date of entry into the hotel will chargethe first 24 hoursof your stay;
  • If you cancel your booking on the day of entry into the hotel will be charged the cost ofthe first tw onights in the hotel.

How to pay for your favorite hotel room?

We offer threepayment options:

  • On-line payment. Payment through Interkassa Payment Accepting Systemwhich offers40popular payment systems including: Visa, MasterCard, Privat24, Webmoneyand others. Yourbookingwillbe validimmediately after the payment.
  • Payment by wire transferThe payment is made by transferring the amount to the account which will be sent to you afteryour on-line booking. Here you can download account details. Afterreceipt of your payment atour bank account, your reservation becomes valid (time for payment processing may take up to 4 working days). We suggest using next banks:
    • Sberbank (convinient for using by residents of Russian Federation)
    • PrivatBank (convinient for using by residents of Ukraine)
    • For clients from another countries we suggest using Visa or Mastercard.
  • Cash.This option involvespaying100%cashat the hotelat the time ofyour check-inbut it is subject to availability of rooms.Or, in case ofpre-booking, the payment of the remaining90% of the amount is performed directly at the hotel.


You can make payment only for booking (10% of the total stay price) or pay the full amount for the accommodation immediately.

Can I make date change to my reservation?

Yes, but only subject to availability of rooms on the new date. Changes to the reservation will be free, if the cost of the room under your new reservation will be at the same price. If the price of the room is higher, then you will need to pay the difference.

To change the data of your reservation contact us by phones: +3 8 048 737 77 12, +3 8 098 121 21 25.

How can I book a room?

You can makea reservationon-line or by calling the numbers (+3 8 048) 737 77 12, (+3 8 098) 121 21 25.

Tobook a roomon-line, you need to passfive easy stepsof booking:

  • Goto the Home Pageand fillin the reservation form- enterarrival and departure dates, andnumber of persons;
  • Specify the numberof rooms youwantto bookand confirmthe dateof entry and exitfor each room;
  • Select the appropriateroom for youfrom the list;
  • Enterpersonal detailsandchoose your payment method;(Note:Please specifythe actual datain the form, since, upon arrival atthe hotel, you will need toprovide proof ofa person to whom thereservationhas been issued).
  • Makepaymentsconvenient for you.

Upon completion ofthe fifthstep,yourbookingwill be considered valid. A letterwith details ofyour bookingwill be sentautomatically to youre-mail.

How to get a discount?

There are two typesof discounts:

  • Discountfor long staysin a hotel;
  • Discount for earlybooking.

The greateris theperiod of stayin the hotel, the more will be thediscount:

  • from 5 tо 7 days – 5% discount
  •  from 8 tо 15 days суток –  7% discount
  •  from 16 tо 22 days суток –  10% discount
  •  from 22 tо 30 days суток –  12% discount
  •  more than 30 days –  15% discount

The more is periodfrom the date ofbookingtothe date of entryto the hotel, the more will be a discount: for 20days or more - 10%.

Do I need to bail during my stay in the room?

Any collateral is not required. When you check into a hotel, a contract is signed.When you check out, you have to pass your room to the administrator and he will provide you with all accounting documents (Deed, Cash Receipt).

You can use the Regular Customer Service.Notice of check into the hotel and check-out can be done by phone (or you can use SMS) or you can notify on-line (on your request, the accounting documents may be sent by mail).

What is included in the room rate?

The price of any hotel room includes: accommodation, use of all kitchen equipment and furniture, hygiene items.See: Available Services Section on our Web-site.

Do you guarantee that I shall check into the booked room?

Yes, we do. There will be all information about the booked room in our letter of confirmation.

How is checking into a hotel room provided?

Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest shall sign the contract and receive an electronic Key Card, which will be valid for his (her) entire stay.

If you use the Regular Сustomer’s Service, a new key card will be provided to the guest upon arrival at the hotel.

Can I smoke in my hotel room?

Sorry, but smoking in the hotel rooms is not allowed.

There is a penalty for smoking in the amount of UAH 3.000,00. The administration is also entitled to terminate the contract with the client without refunding for the unused time of his (her) stay.

Then, where you do you want me to smoke?

On a specially equipped loggia. Believe us, that smoking outdoors on the balcony with such a view and a cup of great coffee (a compliment from the host) will be much more pleasant.

How to get the Key Card as early as possible?

Card key can be obtained after a successful booking at the reception on arrival.

What can the Regular Customer’s Service give?

Service "Regular customer" produces:
• a discount of 7% to 27% for any dates and accommodation all paid;
• Free shuttle service from the main F / W station and the airport;
• a discount of 5 to 30% in the best shops and restaurants in the city;
• service to send free key card to the desired address;
• send free mail service accounting documents for accommodation.

Whom the Regular Customer’s Service is provided to?

Regular service provided to the client :
• the number of days when the apartment is 27 days or more ( for one year ) or recurring reservations / payment stay 15 nights or more . Discount is - 8%;
• the number of days when the apartment is 54 days ( within one year ) or recurring reservations / payment stay 22 days or more - Discount is - 12% ;
• the number of days when the apartment is 100 days ( for two years ) or recurring reservations / payment stay 55 days - discount is - 27%.

How to order the shuttle service?

The shuttle services (from the Main Railway Station, and the Airport) up to 9 person (when booking 3 rooms) is provided free of charge.

Shuttle service can be ordered through the application on-line or by phone:

+38 098 121 21 25

+38 067 121 21 25

+38 094 951 67 00

+38 048 795 37 00



Can I order a comfortable temperature in the hotel room for the time of my check-in?

Yes, you can. Information about room temperature will be noted when you fill in a reservation request.

How to order the Private Chef Service?

The Private Chef Service can be ordered while filing in a reservation request or through contacting us by phone.

How to find us?

Very simple. Directions.

How to get to Deribasovskaya Street?

Of course, you can walk to Deribasovskaya Street but it is better to take a taxi or any public transport.

How to get to Arcadia?

You are already in Arcadia. You have only to go down to the sea.

What are the conditions for refund in case of failure to check-in?

90% of the amount paid will be refunded if you have paid full price for the entire stay (more than 3 days) and subject to the 7 days notice of your rejection to check-in.

What shall I do if I can not check-in on time?

If, for any reason, you can not check in the hotel on the reserved date, you need to contact us to notify of your arrival for another date. You will be offered all available accommodation for that modified date.