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Our apartments are located in the very heart of Odessa - the famous Arcadia. Residents of Odessa named the area in honor of the utopian Greek Arcadia, which was a poetic place of happy and carefree life. Happiness and enjoyment of life reigned at the Arcadia of ancient Greeks. All was fun in Odessa Arcadia also. Aristocratic families have being settling here since the very beginning of Arcadia’s existence. The Count Wittgenstein's Bowery appeared here one of the first, and in 1818, the Duke Sergei Volkonsky, a future Decembrist and a good friend of Pushkin, bought his estate "in a beautiful location on the sea”. In summer of 1824, Alexander Pushkin used to come frequently to his estate, as well as to the summer residence of Antonio Feognosti, Odessa Greek. Possessions of the descendants of Gagarin brothers, the princely family, were located on a vast plateau overlooking the beaches of Arcadia. On this new found land, public baths were opened, new restaurants and entertainment facilities were built.

The Modern Arcadia follows the course, specified to it by its past. The most noisy and crowded sea beach of Odessa, the center of the resort life and nightlife can be found here. There are the best restaurants and night clubs, and if a good try, you can find here the main nerve of the Odessa’s carefree life. Arcadia is varied. Here, you can feel yourself a real bon vivant, you can relax, and having turned off your domestic manager, take your time. You can assign an unforgettable romantic rendezvous filled with amazing lightness of being, or you can, as a character of Isaac Babel’s book said, "to bring a half a bottle with a light meal and go riding in the fresh air of Arcadia."


In Odessa, so many hotels and other lodgings that sometimes it seems that to remove it is not difficult and even easier ... But must warn you that if you feel dizzy from the gorgeous view, if a modern style and perfect cleanliness you prefer Grandma dusty drapes and coloring Odessa patios you more intoxicating - fresh sea air - that our apartment is not for you .  And believe us that some "objects Odessa Heritage" is much more pleasant to learn with a guide, rather than to feel their own experience - of an overhaul since the time they forgot the provisional government of Kerensky , 1917 .. Compared with these objects stay apartment " 12 -th Floor» have some oplichy:

You will make a sigh of relief having seen your hotel room after those old houses. All rooms are modern intelligentsia minimalist design with a full range of amenities: a brand new house, infrastructure, security guard area within 500 m trade, business and fitness centers, as well as neat restaurants and cafes. And it's all good, we will provide you to "silver platter."
Your eyes will grow in amazement when you see a great view from your window. Besides that Arcadia is the highest place in Odessa, you can add to your outlook the height of the hotel’s twelve floors. Put my words into your ears - from such a height, you will see not only the boundless Black Sea and the picturesque nature, but even your cottage in the Voronezh Region.
A slow walk to the sea and the best beaches of Odessa will take you 5 minutes. And if you do not like sunbathing and swimming, the "trail of Health" will offer you a bike or just walk along the scenic spots. "The track health" runs along the sea coast, dotted with restaurants and cafes and ends no less famous beach "Langeron" and dolphinarium. 3 km length of the route. and it constantly ply electric vehicles for those who inhaled or was. Overall - "The air is clean and in my head clever ideas."

As Isaac Babel used to say: Do not say ‘No’, man, when the life whispers ‘Yes’ to you. So, "We though not Paris, but you are welcome to our hut."